Chiquitano lounge

Convention Center.

Impressive and luxurious Lobby with a magnificent chandelier in the center and beveled mirrors on the walls.
Ideal for events requiring a large multipurpose space, to layout tables and chairs, floral arrangements, as well as for performances, a dance floor and/or runways, 1,000 square meters are available.
A support room for 50 people and a VIP room.

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Phone (+591)-3-3533535
Visit us in: Av. Roca y Coronado
Predio Ferial FEXPOCRUZ

Hall Details

  • Area 1000 mtrs 2
  • Audience capacity: 1200 personas
  • Banquet capacity:
    700 people
  • Ideal for: Conferences, Forums, Trade shows, Summits, Events of collation, Weddings, School parties, Parties of 15 years.

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