Guaraní lounge

Convention Center.

This room covers 955 square meters (measuring 31,70 x 26,50) with an additional 115 square meter lobby.2
It also counts with a second story consisting of three additional support rooms for up to 50 people each, a 62 square meter VIP room and a decorative mezzanine for a musical group to provide a pleasant environment.
The room counts with two main entrances, an internal one from the fair grounds and an external on Jose Banegas Street
The capacity is for 600 persons as an auditorium and banquet type.

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Visit us in: Av. Roca y Coronado
Predio Ferial FEXPOCRUZ

Hall Details

  • Area 840 mtrs 2
  • Audience capacity: 800 people
  • Capacity for party:
    500 people
  • Ideal for: Business parties, product launches, school parties, dinners, banquets.

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