Guarayo lounge

Convention Center.

The surface of this room covers 2,204 square meters (measuring 38 x 54) with an additional 287 square meter lobby (12m x 24m).
In the second floor with three additional support rooms for up to 80 people each.
The Guarayo room is located on Roca y Coronado Avenue, has a private entrance and an adjoining private parking lot.
Its capacity is for up to 3,000 persons as an auditorium and banquet type

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Visit us in: Av. Roca y Coronado
Predio Ferial FEXPOCRUZ

Hall Details

  • Area 2200 mtrs 2
  • Capacity for auditorium 3000 people
  • Party capacity 2400 people
  • Ideal for: Business parties, product launches, school parties, dinners, banquets.

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