Santa Cruz de la Sierra, is the commercial center of Bolivia and the capital city of the department of Santa Cruz. It is the first most populated urban nucleus in Bolivia, with an estimated population of 2.3 million inhabitants in 2020. Known as the city of rings, made up of 10 concentric rings.

It is currently considered the economic center of Bolivia, highlighting the agricultural, forestry, mining and hydrocarbon industries. The Department of Santa Cruz is one of the ones that contributes the most to the country’s GDP.


Santa Cruz de la Sierra is a destination to visit throughout the year. The climate is tropical between warm and hot almost all year round, with very hot and humid summers and dry and warm-temperate winters, however throughout the year and particularly in winter, cold air enters from more southern latitudes that plummet. the average temperature of the day below 15 ° C and registers the highest amount of rainfall between December and January.


The traditional gastronomy of the department is nourished by its historical roots and the agricultural products of the region. Typical food has a Punic flavor that no one could miss. Some dishes would be: majadito, rappi with juice, chicken achievement, covered soup, peanut spa, keperí among others.

As well as baked as: yucca and banana masacos, sonso, cuñapé, tamales and accompanied by soft drinks such as mocochinchi, somó and chicha.


Santa Cruz de la Sierra is the main industrial center of Bolivia. Its economy is distributed in various areas such as gastronomy, textiles, entertainment, banking, agro-industrial, tourism, automobile, etc. The city has the highest human development index in the country.

Its population growth is among the fastest in America. It has a nominal GDP of 9,175 million dollars, a nominal GDP per capita of 4,311 dollars, and a PPP GDP per capita of 9,190.

It is also considered the franchise capital of Bolivia since it is the city with the largest number of national and international franchises in the country in different areas such as Hard Rock Cafe, Starbucks, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Juan Valdez, Cinemark, Sbarro, Carl’s Jr , Subway, Burger King, TGI Friday’s, Cinnabon, Papa John’s, Johnny Rockets, Hooters, Náutica, Levis, Nike, ALDO, etc.


Santa Cruz de la Sierra has the best hotel infrastructure in Bolivia. The variety and wide capacity of its offer, helped by other factors, have positioned the city as a strategic destination at the regional level for holding international events, congresses and conventions.