The automotive show will be open from 5:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m. The public has a new opportunity to see the novelties in vehicles of different brands The Fair Exhibition of Santa Cruz (Fexpocruz) decided to extend the days of the Expoauto today and tomorrow.

From five in the afternoon to midnight, car lovers and those who have the desire to acquire a 0 km, will have the opportunity to compare brands and models, under the same advantages granted at the automotive fair that concluded last Sunday. It is the Expoauto Showroom, an event that is organized by Fexpocruz, in coordination with the Bolivian Automotive Chamber (CAB) and all the automotive dealers that participated in the recent Expoauto, reported Raúl Strauss, Fexpo general manager. “Taking advantage of the framework of the recent fair exhibition, and due to the positive response of the people and the request of the public to have an additional alternative to this first version, we decided to do the Expoauto Showroom this Friday 14 and Saturday 15, to see again the models that were on display and for sale ”, stressed the general manager. Almost everything the sameWhoever visits the Expoauto Showroom will be able to find the same proposals, discounts and opportunities that were had in the automotive show that concluded last Sunday. Ticket prices remain at Bs 20 for seniors and Bs 10 for minors. Children under the age of six are admitted free. The commercial manager of Fexpocruz, Víctor Hugo Suárez, said that the Santa Cruz, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, United States pavilions, pavilion Nº 21 and pavilion Nº 8 will be occupied. The vehicles that were on display in the uncovered areas of the Expoauto are also kept for this showroom. Similarly, a food court and an area for the entertainment of children have been set up. “What you won’t have are accessory brands and auto parts brands. It is a sample more aimed at the visitor who comes to see new vehicles. The 24 vehicle dealerships 0 km from Expoauto are maintained, with their best offers. Financial entities and insurance companies will also be present ”, Suárez concluded. Source: Duty

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